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Internet Marketing Strategy!
With the right internet marketing strategy designed specifically for your site, your traffic will grow now, and in the future.

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Tips and Tricks for more traffic

We've covered all the main traffic sources and strategies in our previous sections. Now we've also complied a list of all the little tips and tricks you can use to get the more clicks to your site.

Alexa toolbar

Download the Alexa toolbar it's very useful to get an idea of how popular a site actually is and also gives you a host of other stats. If you are running FireFox then there isn't an Alexa toolbar, so here's a trick. Drag the link -> Alexa <- up to your toolbar (the bookmarks toolbar folder to be precise, where you have 'Mozilla FireFox Help'). Now when you want a sites Alexa rank click this link and viola!

Google toolbar

Download the Google toolbar it'll let you know the PR for each site you visit. You can also get a Google PR toolbar for FireFox.

Get FireFox

Download the FireFox browser. It's much safer, and less prone to crash. You should always check that your site displays in FireFox as well as Internet Explorer.

Email Signature

Every email that you send out should have a signature on the bottom. A signature is a small piece of text or a graphic that contains useful information to the recipient such as your full name, your company and a link to your site. You can automatically set a personalized signature to come up when you create a new email or reply to an existing one in most email programs. The signature allows the recipient to quickly see which company the email is from. Otherwise your emails may end up in the spam pile by mistake.

Join the Community

Your visitors are just people, they are a community, and there will be several communities of them out there. Find the forums and blog's for your area, and interact with them directly. You'll find this very useful for new ideas for your site, and you'll also find you pickup customers here and there.

International phone numbers

Fed up of loosing international customers because they don't have a number to phone in their own country? Get yourself a broadband phone and you can choose a phone number from the USA, Canada, the UK and more. Signup to a broadband phone calling package from IConnectHere and choose a country and number of your choice.

Landing pages

Not to be confused with doorway pages, if you use these it's probably best to put them in a folder your robots.txt file tells search engines to ignore. But using landing pages in a pay per click campaign can greatly increase conversions.

Tell a Friend

It is a good idea to have a TellaFriend script on your site. This is a simple script that allows a visitor to send a link to your site, via email, to a friend. This new person is more likely to visit your site as the link was sent by a trusted friend. This is a great way to achieve extra traffic. A free TellaFiend script is available from For a better quality TellaFriend script that has more features try TellaFriend Multi from

BookMark links

Getting your visitors to bookmark your page is a sure way to increase return visits. Seen all those sites that have JavaScript that'll automatically add them to your favorites, but tell you to CTRL+D if you are Mozilla? Well not any more. We've developed a JavaScript routine that when clicked will automatically bookmark your site in almost any browser. Click our bookmark link (top left) to try it out. Here is the code:-

<!-- Begin
function addBookMark() {
var url="";
var title="Internet Marketing Information from";
if ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4)) {
 window.external.AddFavorite(url, title);
else {
 if (window.sidebar&&window.sidebar.addPanel)
 //configure two parameters below to your own (title, url of content to store)
  alert("Your need to Bookmark using (CTRL-D)")
// End -->

Change the url= and title= to that of your site, and paste into the <head> area of your page. Set set a link to:-


Viola! A bookmark link that works in all browsers.

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