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Press Releases

You should consider off-line marketing as well as online. A press release is a great way to announce a new site, a new product or even just a new design of your website. It will reach people who you cannot reach online, opening up your market potential. To get the attention of the press you need to have something that they think readers would be interested in. Some charity work, or special events you do have a better chance of being picked up than the new flash logo you have designed. There are many different resources available for helping you write and distribute your press release. The ones we found most useful are listed below.

Free press release writing guides

Stetson University
Have a clear guide on writing press releases including a number of resources.
Xpress Press
Have a guide to writing email based press releases

Free press release distribution

P.R. Free
Offer a free news wire service and will distribute your press release around the world
PR Web
Offer a free service where they submit your press release for free.

Paid press release distribution

When looking at paid press release distribution make sure you check exactly how many media companies the release will be sent to. What type of media they are magazine, newspaper, etc, and where they are based. Shop around and make sure the company is credible. Only pay for press release distribution if you are sure the story is news worthy.

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