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Order Forms

If you are taking payment you are probably using a shopping cart, and 3rd part credit card processor or both. If you are just using a credit card processor then here is a very useful trick. Rather than giving your visitors direct link to your card processor payment page, add an order form to your site. Do not ask for card details, or the customers address, but ask for their name, email address, website and phone number. Also have a check box for whether they want to join your mailing list, and if they agree to your Terms and Conditions. It's best to put this form on a secure server, but if you can't then it shouldn't be a problem as you are not asking for card details. Once then have filled out the order form redirect them to the payment links.

Why is this so useful?

There are many benefits of using this system.

  • You get a chance to add their email to your mailing list
  • They have to agree to your terms and conditions
  • If they do not complete the purchase you have their contact details
  • You can monitor hack attempts

The last two points being the most important. Usually if someone tries to place an order, but fails for any reason you have no way of knowing they have even tried. With this system you can contact them and see what caused the trouble. Likewise if you get a lot of attempted orders in a variety of names but with the same email and the last one goes through, then it's pretty safe to say that order is fraudulent.

Where can I get an order form?

This depends on how many products you sell, and what your current order process is like. You may be able to use a free order form script like the secure one form Otherwise you may need one custom made, the team can probably help.

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