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Internet Marketing Strategy!
With the right internet marketing strategy designed specifically for your site, your traffic will grow now, and in the future.

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Welcome to the member area. From here you have full access to all sections of the site. Use the links below or navigation bar to navigate through the information an tutorials available. You can also post a message on the community message board.

Getting More Visitors

Getting more visitors is the life-blood of any website. Without visitors you can not generate sales, boost your trafficrank and essentially you cannot run a successful website. There are many ways in which to achieve a great number of visitors, detailed in the following pages.

Internet Marketing Strategy
Do you have an internet marketing strategy? Do you know what it means? Without one your site is not going to succeed. We'll fill you in, and give you a plan of action with a good marketing mix.
Finding Keywords
Do you know what your targeted keywords are? Do you have all of them? Do you know which are more popular than others? We'll show you the professional way to get your keyword list.
Search Engine Optimization
Ranking high in the search engines is the ultimate goal for any website. We give you the low down on how it's done.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest sources of traffic, second only to search engines. We'll show you how to setup an affiliate program and make it work for you.
Web Directories
Web directories such as Yahoo and Dmoz can supply and good deal of traffic, furthermore they'll boost your link popularity. We've got the definitive list of web directories and how to get your site the best listing possible.
Link Partners
Link partners are vital, not so much for the traffic they send, but the boost in link popularity. We'll give you the tried and tested techniques for getting you link partners.
Email Marketing
Email marketing can send your site a lot of traffic, but you have to be careful. We'll show you the dos and the don'ts and walk you through the mine field.
Pay Per Click
Pay per click can yield high returns, but only when done properly. Done wrong and it can eat you marketing budget in no time. We'll show you what and what not cot do.
Press Releases
Getting a little press interest can pay off big. We'll give you advice on what actions to take.
RSS Feed
An RSS feed is the new way to keep people informed, and attract new people to your site. We tell you how to setup your feed, and get people subscribed.
Other Tricks
We'll let you in on the other tricks marketers use to get customers and monitor their competition.

Converting Visitors

Once you have attracted people to your site, you want them to stay there! Your site must be stylish, professional and easy to navigate if you want to convert those visitors to sales.

Assurance Seals
Assurance seals are a way of adding credibility to your site. They let your visitors know that you have met the seal guidelines.
Privacy Policies
Having a privacy policy is necessary not only to create a professional look and increase trust. But also to ensure that your cookies are being set properly.
Building A Community
Building a community for your site adds content, and can dramatically increase return visits.
Creating A Professional Look
If your website looks like a professional business then your visitor will see it that way. If it looks like an amateurs homepage then they aren't going to be trusting enough to part with their cash.
Order Forms
If you aren't using a shopping cart, adding an order form before your customers make payment can reap many benefits.
W3C Standards
The World Wide Web Consortium sets web standards for new and emerging technology. Comply to these standards and you will benefit in all areas.
Cookies are useful for tracking information about your visitors, and personalizing their experience.

Other Services

We offer services to accompany the tutorials and guides on our site.

Submission Services
We can help your traffic by submitting your site to the web directories or affiliate directories.
E-Marketing Consultancy
We can give you some professional internet marketing advice based on your site and services.

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